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Olixar FlexiCover Full Protection Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Case - Clear Reviews

At last, a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.
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 3.8 stars from 43 customers

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Perfect for what I was looking for. Keep scratches and chips from happening on my phone. Cover is not bulky and fits perfectly
Excellent cover
Best cover I've ever used soft gel and full prtection
Not very pleased
I've had another case like this but no name and it was better than this one... It doesn't really fit the front holes, the difference is noticeable but it doesn't affect the camera and others. It sticks to the phone and gives that wet look although it has the dots for this, it doesn't help. I have the feeling that the case is bigger than my phone, don't know why. It is very difficult to see the screen in the sunlight because of those small dots but it really protects the phone, that's why I got this kind of case again.
great cover
great cover just needs little bumpers on the 4 corners
This is the only case I would use for this phone..protects screen,and back...easy to grip
nice clear cover but it makes the screen a bit blurry
handy and great product but for those with poor eyesight this is not great as screen starts to blur. loved the look and feel off it
Cover was delivered very promptly, and I am very pleased with it.
I ordered the Olixar phone cover on the same day that I ordered my phone, and was really pleased that I had, as the phone itself is very slippery, so it now feels much safer in this cover. The cover fits perfectly, and I feel it will protect my lovely new phone, both back and front.
Good protection but is there any need for polka dots?
This is the perfect protection for my phone, but unfortunately the polka dot design on the front cover makes the screen clarity a bit worse. Is there a reason for having that? Anyways, it is a nice sleek case giving full 360 protection to the phone.

If you're worried about the s8 edge screen then this is good.
MobileFun Reply

The inside of this case is covered with tiny dots to ensure "water marking" doesn't ruin the look of your phone's display. Hope this helps.
Not so pleased with the aspect
It does protect but in the sun or in the light you can't see clear the screen because of those small dots. It fits perfect.
Excellent case keeps the phone clean and scratch free
Bought this case so I could still see my phone and protect at the same time well impressed no complaints
Great case if you don't bulky case that hides the slim phone great for scratch resistance
I like the dots!
Fits my S8 plus really well. Can use the phone as though it's not there. I don't mind the dots at all, in fact I rather like them. I can understand if others don't like them. Don't wish to drop my phone on a hard surface to see if it really works!
Good fit,But what's with the front?
The material of the cover is soft and flexabible. The case fits great, the top overlays with the bottom and makes a nice seal..The bad: The camera cutout does not raise it above surface when laid flat. The front cover has a weird for pattern on the inside which effects the clarity of the display. I would give this case three out of five stars.
Excellent products
I received my product in about 2 1/2 weeks because im in the U.S and it was coming overseas. The phone case I got was the Olixar flexi cover full protection and i am enjoying the protection this clear phone case is giving my phone.I would highly recommend Mobile Fun USA for the great prices as well as the great products they are putting out.Thanks again Mobile Fun for a great deal and amazing product.
The case is a real good case I like it very much
Waste of time, poor quality and fit waste of money
Fits well - works well
For a complete cover it works great. The screen works well.
A little on the cheap and cheerful product end though for the price I would buy again
exactly what I wanted.
I wanted a case that would protect the front and back, and was compatible with my wireless charger. this works great.
Great cover!
Very happy with my cover. MY phone feels safe and I dont have any fear of scratching it. The dots on the front which I was initially worries about look great. They dont effect the look of the phone at all.
Sleek phone case
Product was delivered on time.The product fits the phone well and looks really good, not bulky but offers decent protection for the phone. However there was a blemish on the front cover of the case that can be seen when the screen is blank/off.
Great product
A very nice case, high quality and fits the phone like a glove. I would recommend to anyone with an s8 plus as your phone will be well protected
Slick seamless protdction
I purchased this case with the intentions of having something protective yet still displaying the appearance of the phone... this case does exactly that.. It's slick, seamless and no raised edges..

There is one thing that might put some people off purchasing this case. front of the case there are very small pigments (dots) this is so you can still interact with the screen while the cover is still on...personally it doesn't bother me but I can understand if it irritates others..

Hence 4 stars.. if I could give it 4.5 I would.
Quality of the item is great. But there are little dots all over the front screen, slightly detracting from the image quality this phone is capable of
There are white dots that will cover the screen so VR cant be used and is very distracting
I do like the idea that it protects the back but the front as well... Very rare for curved screens... The idea being very thin is also good as you can have it on and still use it in Gear VR, except you cant as it is not thin enough to fit in the Gear VR meaning it will need to be removed and doing so will eventually stretch and not fit the phone properly and considering the millions of S8 preorders with the Gear VR given freely it is bad choice to buy this...

What makes it terrible and give zero recommendation to buy is that it has white dots all over front and back. Back doesn't matter but the front it is large enough that you will see it at all times no matter how far away the phone screen is and will affect your enjoyment of the great screen...

So it makes your screen much worse and annoying and it is too thin, not thin enough for Gear VR but too thin that it will prevent scratches but drop it on a rock and it will still crack the screen.

I regret buying it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Zahi

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case.

The dots on the front are there as they prevent moisture building up, which could severely impact the view of the display. I hope this helps.

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