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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Clear View Stand Cover Case - Violet Reviews

This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in violet is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62667

RRP $79.49 - you save 40%

 4.8 stars from 58 customers

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I got this case as really wanted the blue to match my phone & no one had it, not only did they have it but it was cheaper too! Was very impressed when it came, but then it's a Samsung why wouldn't I be :)
Lovely case
Every thing as it was on mobile fun web site
Great case
Does exactly what it says it will do. Love it.
Great case.
Does exactly what it says it will do. Love it.
Looks lovely
Looks lovely & love the colour but I think overpriced for what it is.
I was in two minds to return it because of the limited use of your screen, only being able to answer calls and turn off/ snooz alarms. for everything else you need to open the cover. The sides and back seem well protected but wonder if dropped would front cover open and like toast fall butter side down!? Would be better as a wrap around with full use of screen
Good quality case, delivered on time. Result
This case was expensive, however you get what you pay for. Worth the money and cheaper than other sites
Clearview cover
Thanks for the clearview cover, it is stylish, elegant and receives plenty of compliments! Good value, I hope it protects the phone from breakage if I drop it, but am too scared to test it, lol!
great product very happy
great product very happy
Perfect fit
This case is perfect fit for my cellphone.Answering touch and Time appears on that clearly.
Excellent product
Let you see through all the messages displayed while is protecting the screen of the phone. Very handy when you speak on the phone.
very happy
Love it so pretty
Ok got this in gold and considering more colours. I have gotten so many comments about it. It will allow wireless charging and the front is reflective and you can control your music apps and answer calls when closed. Only negative is that the front isn't magnetized so it won't stay closed. But small thing it doesn't make the phone bulky but still offers of protection. I would definitely recommend
Great case for S8 plus
Great case. Fits beautifully and looks super sexy. Expensive, but so worth it.
Swanky yet stylish !
After buying my Samsung Galaxy S8+ I really wanted a case to show off my beautiful new toy ! I chose this swanky looking silver one to compliment my orchid grey phone. I was a little worried about spending so much,however as soon as my cover arrived it really looked the part. The back is smooth easy to wipe and doesn't feel sticky after holding it for a while. It's the clear silver front that really shows off my phone though. You can see the time through it so don't have to open to look at the time. It stays closed nicely and the silver colour really does make this one classy cover. My wife has also discovered the reflective silver means she can use it as a mirror to apply her lipstick when out !
If you want a cover to show off your great new Samsung S8+ you certainly won't be disappointed with this one.If I had a negative then I guess it would be the fact the silver shows up every fingermark. However I just wipe clean as I do my phone screen so not really an issue for me.in short this case doesn't shout "look at all my bling and Swarowski crystals " It's much more quietly classy but still manages to stand out in the crowd. I'll see how it wears after a while but for now it seems to be very good quality and nicely made.
Great quality
Great quality makes the phone real smart and protects it from knocks scraps.
Best case ever
Can be used as a perfect mirror, doesn't scratch easily. Holds the phone firmly in place, doesn't fall out when dropped (yes done that already!) Really eye-catching absolutely love it.
Exactly as expected.
The case is exactly what I was expecting and works and fits perfectly for my S8+ case. It is a great compliment to my phone.
Protects the phone, but CASE a bit sub standard
Samsung's custom CASE for S8+ really does protect the phone and quite unique with the see through cover. Only problem I found is the glossy front cover is easily scratched. For a CASE costing nearly £50 it's some what dissapointing.
Pretty good S8+ phone case
I was really hesitant to buy from this website because it came off as one of those sketchy websites with fake products. This specific case is not sold in the United States so I decided to just go for it and buy it. It's a legit, Samsung product and shipping didn't take too long, maybe a week. I wasn't provided a tracking number, so that made me worry a little bit. As far as the product goes, it's really pretty and a nice upgrade from the similar version for the Note 5. However, the top flap isn't magnetic in any way so don't expect your screen to not break if you drop your phone. I've already had the pleasure of filing a claim for a cracked screen. As an added FYI, a Sprint employee told me the tempered glass screen protectors will not work with this case but I'm stubborn and will find out for myself. Happy buying!
The Daddy Case
This case is one of the best cases I have come across. It comes in a variety of colours too. Don't look for anything else for your Samsung Galaxy S8. This is a must buy.
Nice case!
Case arrived pretty quick even it was international shipping, and in one piece!
This case is the "Perfect Partner" for a "Perfect Phone"
This case is the "Perfect Partner" for a "Perfect Phone" Well done, Samsung designers! All necessary info to hand without having to open/unlock phone.
Pictures don't do it justice
This case is absolutely fantastic as it blends and integrates very well with the phone without adding much bulk. The front cover is also padded inside meaning no chances of it scratching the screen unlike previous clearview cover cases.It has glossy reflective finish meaning it doubles up as a mirror so you can adjust yourself before taking that perfect selfie. Only downside though is that it can be a bit tricky/fiddly using the finger print scanner as this will take some getting used to as it's at the back.
Impressed & Delighted with item ordered.
Very happy with the quality of my Samsung 8+ case.

Arrived quickly.

No hassles.
Excellent features
Great, case over all. You can answer calls easily with the case on, it looks great, shinny somewhat of a mirror effect. Two down sides though. The cover gets smudges/fingerprints easily. I have to clean it a lot and it takes a little bit of elbow grease to get it cleaned up. And I have already dropped my phone and it always lands with the flap open so exposing the whole screen of the phone. If you want a more protective cover this isn't for you. This I would believe would be more for looks. But what I do love is that when you close the flap to the case it automatically turns off the screen and you open the case it will turn on the screen so that's a plus in my book.
Samsumg galaxy s8 plus case
Fantastic case well advertised by mobile fun will defenetly be buying from them again
Great product
I have been buying the official Samsung phone covers for a few years now and found them to be the best. This cover fits your phone perfectly and looks great. The only thing that I would mark it down for is the the plastic that holds in the phone is a little fragile and with the previous model broke after a year. It is still really good though.
Excellent product so far, works well no complaints
Excellent product so far, works well no complaints build quality seems fine
Great Quality
This is a great quality case that wraps around the phone to provide complete protection while allowing easy use of the phone. The clear view cover provide a profession look. Delivery was timely and the price was below other outlets for this Samsung product. I will be ordering addition accessories from Mobile Fun as they are needed.
Marks very easy
Not a bad product but Mark's very easy
Excellent case - very nice
The case is so unbelievably beautiful with its metallic look. And it also allows you to accept/reject calls/turn the alarm off without opening the flip. I also like that if you push the power button it shows the date and time through the cover and any notifications too.
I recently bought this for my new S8 Plus and i am pretty happy that i got this before it ran out of stock and also got this in the right time to start using my new phone.. The product is very good and remains true to the what samsung has released before. I have been using samsung covers for a long time and have to say this cover with the clear view screen is great and also covers the edge glasses safely making it really good..Overall good cover...
Excellent service. Love the cover and great price.
Quick shipment. Great price and product as described.
Great quality
Getting original cases is always way better then after market. Amazing case premium built and quality very good price for the product
This is a top quality case for the cover that allow features of the phone to be helpful without opening the cover. It provides great protection to the phone and is a professional looking cover.
Looks Great!
Bought the silver for the S8+ and gold for the S8...have already received the cases which is great cause I didn't assume they had them in stock already (since the phone doesn't release here in Canada till tomorrow) so I haven't opened it yet but I will say it looks amazing in person and the reflective surface makes a great mirror
Great case.
Much more protective than S7 version.
Form follows function here
It's very useful to see the screen though the case.
Looks cool and spacey
The landscape stand is really useful

Fingerprint smears
Could look cheat to some people because it's shiny plastic
Stand adds slightly more bulk to a super thin handset
Need to hold case flap open to use camera

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