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Official Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Alcantara Cover Case - Silver / Grey Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with this Official Alcantara case in silver / grey. Stylish and protective, this case is the perfect accessory for your S8 Plus.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62695

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 4.8 stars from 23 customers

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Very smart, different and excellent protection
Fabric feels good to hold and looks great, provides protection all around the phone - even the front.
No complaits
Love it
good quality cover
good quality cover
Nice case
I like this case so much. It's so stylish and comfortable. I don't like using case but this blue alcantara looks and feels so great on my midnight black S8 plus, so I finally got a case that match well with my phone. I truly recommend this case. There's no case in the market that feels and looks better than the alcantara case...
Great case, really soft
I love the blue color of the case and how it isn't too thick. It fits perfectly and provides the perfect amount of protection for my needs. The Alcantara is really soft and looks great. I wouldn't use it in a dirty work environment, though. It really is a unique case and stands out.
Feels premium
I really love the look and feel of this case. It's not the most protective, but covers basic drops. The feel of it is very nice
Exceptional Case
Initially, the case looks bulky, but it's anything but. The Alcantara feel smooth, it's waterproof, and the case is actually slim! Highly recommended, especially if you want to stand out from the other cases.
Cool phone case
Ordered the Cool new phone case for my Samsung S8Plus. We have been unable to buy this case here in the USA. Ordered it from MobileFun, and received it in a short wait, very happy with the product and the service. I would purchase from them again, and would recommend them to others.
Best OEM Case
The Alcantara case give this already premium phone an extra premium look and feel. It adds a nice level of protection for minor drops and scratches. The suede feels very soft and adds extra grip when in hand.
Love the case
This case is amazing. it fits perfectly and the feel of it is so soft. A must have for the S8 or S8+
Great cover
As described, on time, perfect cover for my s8+.
Excellent item and case
Excellent item and case. Excusite. Fast delivery. Id buy from these guys again
Used this cover for a few weeks now and have noticed distinct Pro's & Cons
I love Samsung products and have used this cover for a few weeks now and have noticed distinct Pro's & Cons.


• The Alcantara material feels good in hand. Its soft texture is comfortable amd pleasant to touch. Makes slipping it in your pocket easy. It so far seems to wear well.

• Great colour.

• The case fits the back of the S8+ like a glove.

• Allows wireless charging through the case on Samsung home or in car wireless charding systems.


• The Alcantara material is slippery and makes it difficult to hold phone sometimes. Make sure you grip it well.

• The case doesn't sit higher than the screen due to the phones curved edge screen. Therefore it doesn't add any protection to the screen itself so be wary about laying the phone flat on its screen or if you drop it face down.

All in All its a nice case to hold. Looks sharp and stylish but has some design floors around protection for your phone.
I may consider another option

Great feel, snug fit, looks fantastic
I've had many types of covers over the years and many devices but this one is definitely the nicest. The suede feel makes it easy to hold and grip. The dark blue colour is almost black and works well with the black phone.

I'm using the cover with the (glass) screen protector and neither are in the way. They actually work well together.

The only downside is trying to take the cover off (to use with the VR headset). It's such a snug fit that it can be difficult to pull off and I've accidentally pulled the screen protector off whilst trying to get the cover off.

Still, I'd recommend the cover. It works with the phone and feels almost seamless. And all the holes and buttons are in exactly the right places.
Compact, stylish, not bulky
Sharp, simple, straight to the point
Touchy Feely
I've had a plethora of cases, used on many different phones. In days gone by it didn't seem as important what they looked like as the phones weren't as pretty, but now it's a different kettle of fish, and I don't want my premium product hidden away in a faux leather case as thick as a sandwich! I've tried Samsungs clear view, and led covers before, but quickly tired of them, with the front part never really closing properly and always being half open, so a case like this seemed perfect. I could have gone for a cheap silicone, but decided to jump on the Samsung bandwagon and go for a premium one....im not disappointed. The velvety loveliness of the product makes you want to covet it in your hand, but it also grips well. It is a mm perfect fit, and it seriously looks the part... However it is the cost of a good night out which needs considering, but with a 6yr old this doesn't happen anymore anyway. I'm more than pleased, and it looks gorgeous.
This case feels very premium and worth every penny. It doesn't take away from the beautiful design of the Samsung S8+. Also, it's not available in the U.S. so I snatched one up here on mobilefun and even better the price is great! Will return to buy more accessories for my phone and future phones.
Excellent features
Excellent product by Samsung. Looks premium style and comfort. Good classy look. every will feel the difference.
Fits like a glove.
Fits like a glove. Made for the working person who use their phone constantly. Even Sprint Tech's wanted this fantastic phone cover. Has a perfectly cut out for camera and the buttons work effortlessly. Highly recommend.

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