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Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 / Note 2

Mobile Fun

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Seamlessly connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 to various digital devices using the Mobile Fun connection kit which allows the connection of your S4 / S3 or Note 3 / 2 to standard USB, micro USB, SD & Micro SD cards.

"Really diverse Item!"
"Mobile Fun Connection"
"I love it"

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fintan richmond

28 November 2013
Really diverse Item!
I really like this piece of equipment because it allows me to transfer or download stuff to and from my phone to any other device. Great item!!


Samsung S4
13 June 2013
Mobile Fun Connection
The connector is perfect they read my phone everything sd card usb flash hard disk , is incredible....


connection kit for samsung note 2
7 May 2013
I love it
it does exactly what it says it does. I can view all my pictures and videos off a usb stick without having to download to phone. and i haven't even played with the other options yet. i love it!

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Additional information

Transfer data quickly and efficiently

Designed to allow quick connection of your digital data devices to you phone, the connection kit for Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2 is your complete solution for transferring data quickly. Simply plug the pin connector to the bottom of your S3 / Note 2 and connect any of your input devices to the ports located at the base of the adapter.

Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3   Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3

Access files directly from USB devices and SD cards

The Mobile Fun connection kit supports the connection of both standard and micro USB devices as well as SD and Micro SD cards. This lets you view and transfer data straight from USB storage devices and memory cards without the need of excess cables. This makes it perfect for transferring photos from digital cameras to store on your phone as well as documents, videos and images from USB memory sticks.

Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3    Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3

Supports data syncing and other USB devices

As well as supporting data synchronisation the Mobile Fun connection kit supports connection of mobile keyboards or computer mice (with Bluetooth dongles) for use with your Galaxy S3 / Note 2 for easier web browsing and typing.

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